Trip to Sri Lanka and Malaysia

Photos taken with Lumix F3 during our holiday in summer 2010

Looking down from the Petronas Tower in KL


Lankathilaka - 14th Century Temple in Kandy

Down south Sri Lanka

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Views from Mt Hotham in the summer

 Magnificent views from the top of Mt Hotham in summer 2009.

Photos taken during holiday in December 2009.

[Nikon D40 with 18-135mm lens at 1/4000sec and F/5.3]

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Web site for Gloucester Tennis Club

Web site of Gloucester Tennis Club is another site developed using Google App Engine. It uses the default Django version packaged with the App Engine with BigTable datastore as the database.

Even though I’m new to Python, Django and Google Datastore I found it very interesting and intuitive to use these technologies.

I had to hand code the admin interface which allows the team manager of the team(s) to enter scores of matches. Public interface of the site displays the match history and player statistics allowing players and their trainers to monitor the progress players throughout the season.

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